Frequently asked questions..??

How do I prepare to come and make an appointment?

First of all, make sure you have an idea of what you want and where.

If you are not entirely sure, bring some idea’s or things you like, what you are interested in, and what places you would be willing to get tattooed.

Look around on the internet. There are many possible styles; basically anything is possible. Just think of anything and we will work together to make it happen. However, please remember a tattoo is not paper. We will have to take into consideration of what is possible and what is not.





Should I shave?

Please, do not. We do the shaving for you, it’s free!






Does getting a tattoo hurt?

It will most likely not feel like getting a massage. Although the pain is relative and mostly depends on the placement. It should not be a surprise that getting for example a fully black square, will be more painful than just a smooth light tattoo. Do not let the pain discourage you, we take care of our customers and you are free to ask for a break  whenever you want or feel like you need it.







How do I take care of my tattoo?

After the tattoo has been done, we attach a plastic foil to the skin.

You’re supposed to take it off after 2 hours,

and cleanse the skin with water –no soap- by hand.

Do not dry the skin by rubbing with a towel. Be gentle.

Leave the tattoo alone for the rest of the day.

The day after, you’re supposed to rub Bepanthol (can be acquired at the pharmacist) about 3 – 4 times a day on the tattoo. Do not use too much, but make sure it is well-applied and massaged in the skin.

Some crusts may start to form, and some small skin particles may come off and the tattoo will be shiny as if it is a scar but that is completely normal. Keep continuing the routine until there are no more noticeable raised parts and has become completely matte.  for bigger pieces we have a different approach (you will be informed by your artist)

In case you have more questions while your tattoo is healing, do not hesitate to contact us.




What if my tattoo is hurting and red?

Some itching, redness and sensitivity is completely normal for the first days . However you should not be in pain.

Should you be, please check if there are any cat or dog hairs or other things, such as dust in the tattoo. Cleanse the tattoo carefully, do not scratch .let your artist know .




About cover-ups:

Please come and visit the shop, there are many factors we have to take into consideration.

First and foremost how old the tattoo is. How well it has been placed, the design and darkness of the design itself and how we can integrate it in the idea you’ve got in mind.




I am allergic to latex, does this cause any problems?

We have nitrile gloves, so there is nothing to worry about. However if you happen to be allergic, please let us know before we start.



Can you tattoo everything ? 

There is a lot possible  but take notice that small things never last forever .

Some scars are not possible to cover ,please let us know if you want a scar covered

We don’t tattoo the Polynesian /maori/tribal tattoos but feel free to ask us about a specialist

We will always take everything in consideration but don’t do copy’s

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we only take booking on following days . if you cant stop by one of these days please give us a call .

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